Kevin Willson was born in Essex, England and moved with his young family to Bearsted, Kent in 1978. His early career in gardening, along with his appreciation of Japanese art and culture first led him to Bonsai in the early 1980s. With a sound horticultural knowledge he began to develop his understanding of Bonsai from books and magazines.

He began to work with Yamadori Bonsai in the late 1980s and soon became recognised for his unique Bonsai designs. Following his early success as a Bonsai artist he decided to share his experience by offering personal and group tuition. The Yamadori School of Bonsai teaching facility was set up in 1999 and offers tuition to people of all abilities.

Kevin Willson has developed his unique style to become one of the worlds most acclaimed bonsai artists. His services can be tailored to meet customers specific needs and budgets.

Yamadori School of Bonsai is based in Norfolk, (United Kingdom) and provides workshops to people of all abilities. Kevin Willson travels throughout europe and the world, attending international events, giving demonstrations, providing group workshops and personal tuition.

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